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I spent my 20s mismanaging my money, and came to regret all of those impulse purchases placed on credit cards when my credit score plummeted due to missing a few payments. I didn't learn how much this would affect my life until I was denied for both an auto loan and mortgage in the same year due to my bad credit score. I spent the next few years cleaning up my credit report and putting every extra penny I had toward old debts. Having to put my impulse spending on halt was difficult at first, but it was a great learning experience and I now realize how rewarding saving and investing money really can be. I have put a lot of research into good money management techniques, so I decided to start a blog to share what I have learned with anyone who needs help!

Get A Bail Bond With Limited Cash Or Resources

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Most individuals do not like the idea of possibly getting arrested even if they participate in high-risk activities. Arrests occur regularly, and sometimes innocent people may find themselves accused of committing crimes that result in their arrests. 

If you are ever arrested, you may be granted bail depending on your charge(s). Posting bail allows individuals to get released while they await going to court to admit or fight against convictions. Some individuals who are given bail may not be able to afford to pay their bail amounts or lack the resources to post bail. Sometimes they may have other options. The following are a few options to consider. 

Licensed Bail Bonds Companies

Most jurisdictions have licensed bail bonds companies that can be used as resources to understand the bail bond process. If your request for bail bonds services is granted, it is imperative to understand and abide by all conditions in the bail bond. Otherwise, the court system or the bail bonds company may decide to revoke your bail bond, which means you may end up back in jail. Do not be swayed by having to pay the agency to bail you out. Some of these companies offer payment options such as payment plans.

Community Support

Arrests are embarrassing for most people. This can cause them to avoid asking for help. However, some sources of support may empathize with you and your circumstances. If you are an active member of a church or other non-profit organization such as substance abuse support groups, you may be able to obtain help from them.

Family and Friends

Many individuals also have families and friends who may assist them in getting out of jail. Sometimes the cost to bail out may be too high for one individual. Your loved ones may consider pooling together money to pay the cost of bail.


You may be leery of turning to your employer for help, but if you work under contract or for a small business, your situation might be treated differently. There might even be options to repay via pay deductions. Individuals who work as contractors may also be able to barter services to pay all or portions of their bail. 

Appeal to the Court System

Sometimes individuals are taken back to court if they do not bailout. This can be an opportunity to ask for a bail reduction or a recognizance bond. Recognizance bonds involve judges allowing individuals to get set free based on their agreement to abide by the law and show up for all future court dates.

For more information, contact a local bail bonds service.


11 August 2020