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I spent my 20s mismanaging my money, and came to regret all of those impulse purchases placed on credit cards when my credit score plummeted due to missing a few payments. I didn't learn how much this would affect my life until I was denied for both an auto loan and mortgage in the same year due to my bad credit score. I spent the next few years cleaning up my credit report and putting every extra penny I had toward old debts. Having to put my impulse spending on halt was difficult at first, but it was a great learning experience and I now realize how rewarding saving and investing money really can be. I have put a lot of research into good money management techniques, so I decided to start a blog to share what I have learned with anyone who needs help!

Tips For Selling Gold Jewelry To Get Some Cash

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Gold is an investment that tends to hold its value despite market conditions and changes in society. It is an investment that you can make however you please as long as you know what is valuable, who buys gold, and what kind of return on this investment you can reasonably expect to earn. With this in mind, there are points of information you should get to know as you dip your toe into this type of investment and seek help from professionals. 

Always think of the investment when buying personal gold jewelry

If you're interested in investing in gold, the real research starts in your everyday life. With every piece of gold jewelry that you buy, make sure that you think about the potential resale value. This means buying certain types of gold pieces that people find attractive, while also getting to know the karats and other important information. Both the design and materials contribute to the value of the piece. Thinking this far ahead with your own personal jewelry will train your mind to consider the market as a whole. 

Look into the companies that will take your gold jewelry pieces off your hands

Keep in mind that there are always companies that specialize in buying jewelry from the average owner. Start by figuring out which kinds of gold pieces they buy and what you need to do to create a sales agreement. There is always a measure of volatility that you have to accept with the markets, and it pays to do business with companies that have relationships in the gold industry and a long-standing record of fine service. 

Don't limit yourself to just brick and mortar gold buying companies. A lot of companies let you ship your pieces to them to get an appraisal and an offer. You can either accept the offer and get a check sent your way, or deny the appraisal and your jewelry will be sent back to you -- no questions asked. Since there's no limit on which jewelry buyers you can do business with, look all over the glove for the best companies. 

Get your gold jewelry appraised and keep your records as well. By having your own independent appraisal, it'll be easier to get a fair rate for whichever gold pieces you're trying to sell. 

If you're ready to start selling your gold jewelry find a local company, like Rocky Mountain Coin


27 April 2020