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Can You Still Get Bail After Violating Probation?

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A bail bond can allow you to get out of jail and back to your family and life while awaiting further legal action on your case. With the right bail bond company, you'll be able to get out without having to put up a large amount of cash up front. But what happens if you are arrested after previously being placed on probation by a court? If this sounds like your situation, here are some tips that might help.

Getting Bail Is Still Possible but Might Be Expensive

If you violate your probation, chances are you are going to get arrested for this latest offense. However, if the crime is not especially violent, you may still have a chance to get out on bail. You have to understand, though, that any court viewing your record is very likely going to take your previous convictions into account. Getting into trouble after you've already been given a second chance with probation is not going to sit well with the judge. You can expect to receive a much higher bail amount as a result, when compared with someone else who was charged with that crime but had no previous record or probation violations.

You Will Very Likely Not Get Another Chance

If you are convicted but sentenced to probation and then commit a probation violation, there's still a chance you might be able to make bail for the latest offense. If you commit yet another violation of any kind while you are out on bail, you can expect your bail to be revoked immediately and you will likely sit in jail until your trial. Obviously, no one ever plans on getting into trouble, but the point is, you need to be extra careful if you do actually get out on bail and especially if the bail followed a probation violation.

A Bail Bond Professional Can Help

You are clearly going to need professional help if you want to get out of jail following a probation violation. In addition to retaining an attorney, you should also reach out to a local bail bond company with a proven track record. With a phone call to the right bail bond agent, you can start planning your defense from the comfort of home instead of inside a jail cell.

If you find yourself in the position of requesting bail following a probation violation, know that getting bail in this situation is not impossible if you have the right bail bond company at your side.


13 May 2019